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Last month, American reality show entertainer turned American political system entertainer Donald Trump publicized presidential rival Sen. Lindsey Graham’s cell number, urging his supporters to “try it.” In the spirit of open and fair political debate, we now bring you Trump’s number.  Full story
Last week, a CJR colleague emailed a story to me about an intriguing legal issue. I skimmed it and saved the link so I could read the story carefully the next day.  Full story
Last May, Russ Kendall learned that another friend and journalist had been laid off. Linda Epstein, McClatchy-Tribune Wire’s senior photo editor for 15 years, would lose her job in July when the company shuttered its wire service. By July 21, Kendall launched a closed Facebook group. Here’s what he wrote on the page’s first post:  Full story
As viewers leave traditional media and flock to the Internet in droves, the publishing and media industries have discovered the hidden power of webcast studios.  Full story
Online news consumers prefer image heavy, modular homepage designs, at least according to a new study.  Full story
On Sunday night, New York magazine released a groundbreaking new cover featuring 35 victims of alleged assault from Bill Cosby.  Full story
If you’re lucky enough to have the right deep-pocketed owner buy your paper and steady it, you’ve won the lottery. If you’re in a town whose paper is owned by the better chains, or committed local ownership, your loss will probably be mitigated. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.  Full story
On July 16, the news and gossip website Gawker, a digital-media pioneer partly responsible for the tone and sensibility of web journalism, published an article that accused a married male media executive of seeking, via text message, to pay for sex with a gay escort.  Full story
Nick Denton says "Gawker's growing up." The founder and self-described "guardian of the editorial ethos" of Gawker sought to turn the page after it published a controversial article that led to the most embarrassing 10-day period in the site's history.  Full story
I'm going to make some predictions about the future of the media in this piece, and they come with the disclaimer that predictions always come with: They could be entirely wrong.   Full story
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