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Following the Paris terrorist attacks on the evening of Nov. 13, my office heard from Wyoming listener Patrick D. Sheehy, who wrote, "Out here two time zones away from Washington DC...I am curious what level of news does it take to get NPR out of package mode and into special report mode."  Full story
A woman's overly-concerned letter about someone knitting on a subway train got published in the nation's largest newspaper, so naturally it's become something of a viral meme thanks to creative commenters.  Full story
The A&E reality show “Married at First Sight” — which weds strangers — is trying to use a shield law reserved for journalists to quash a subpoena by a Queens woman who went on the cable program then allegedly received death threats from her random groom.  Full story
Last Friday there were some fleeting moments in which the best of humanity shone through the tragedy of the attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad.  Full story
There are two basic weapons in the battle for online attention: creativity and technology.  Full story
At some point in their career, every famous model has to respond to a dumb question about their body. While most smile politely through it, every once in a while, someone breaks.  Full story
Many members of MU's faculty and staff are asking the University of Missouri to fire assistant professor Melissa Click and Student life leader Janna Basler. The Department of Student Life placed Basler on administrative leave late Wednesday afternoon.  Full story
A University of Missouri employee caught on video physically confronting a photographer was placed on administrative leave Wednesday, soon after a leading state lawmaker called for her to be fired and prosecuted for assault.   Full story
In case there's any question about who the Republican National Committee views as one of its biggest threats, the wifi access code hundreds of journalists were forced to use during a party sanctioned debate clarifies that stance even further.  Full story
The student group "Concerned Student 1950" at the center of protests at the University of Missouri was welcoming media Tuesday after clashing with journalists Monday.  Full story
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