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In Thursday's finale of Serial, co-producer and narrator Sarah Koenig stays focused on the central question from which the podcast rarely wavered: Did Adnan Syed kill Hae Min Lee?  Full story
Boston.com executives are set to make an internal announcement today, naming a temporary replacement and a role change for Hilary Sargent, sources say. Sargent, an editor, was suspended after controversy mounted surrounding a story that ran in The Boston Globe's digital affiliate, last week.  Full story
“Why Headlines Matter.” “Misleading Headlines Can Lead You Astray.” “How What You Read Affects What You See.” “How Bad Headlines Make Bad Memories.” “Eleven Reasons Headlines Are Important.” “You’ll Never Believe How Important an Accurate Headline Is.”  Full story
Virtually every digital publisher has seen two big trends in recent years: Traffic is up sharply, and mobile traffic is up spectacularly, often overtaking the desktop web. In both cases, the cause can be distilled down to a single word: Facebook.  Full story
The University of Missouri at Columbia’s School of Journalism was once again far and away the No. 1 choice as the top J-school in the country in the annual NewsPro-RTDNA Top Journalism Schools poll of news professionals.  Full story
Many people use the newish blogging site Medium each day, but almost as many of them are confused about what, exactly, it’s supposed to be.  Full story
Rupert Murdoch found himself a the center of another social media firestorm on Wednesday for a tweet he sent moments after the terrorist siege in a Sydney cafe came to a bloody end.   Full story
A lawyer representing Sony Pictures Entertainment is warning news organizations not to publish details of company files leaked by hackers in one of the largest digital breaches ever against an American company.  Full story
Members of the media were reportedly assaulted by police officers Saturday while covering protests in Berkeley, California, the Northern California chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists wrote in a letter to Mayor Tom Bates and Police Chief Michael K. Meehan Monday.  Full story
Two journalists were killed and three were wounded in a twin bombing in the south-central Somali town of Baidoa on December 5, which targeted a restaurant where journalists and officials frequently congregate.  Full story
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