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When AP welcomed Jake Coyle (pictured) as one of two new film writers last fall, it said it looked forward to both he and [since departed] Jessica Herndon breaking news. Boy, did the wire service get that right.  Full story
The release of U.S. journalist Peter Theo Curtis by Syrian captors has prompted "60 Minutes" to issue portions of an interview with a fellow ex-hostage that the show had edited last year to remove references to Curtis.  Full story
NBC News has obtained a video of Steven Sotloff’s mom pleading with ISIS to release her son, who has been detained for over a year.  Full story
Posted Tuesday on a Gannett private Facebook #picassolution discussion board by the paper’s engagement editor:  Full story
Pulitzer prize-winner Gary Webb is arguably the reason we know anything about CIA complicity in the crack-cocaine epidemic of the 1980s—collateral damage of the Reagan administration's desire to fund the Contras despite three Congressional amendments forbidding them.  Full story
After almost two years in captivity, Peter Theo Curtis is finally home.  Full story
The Philadelphia Public Record, a local newspaper, published an apology to its website Sunday after one of the paper’s print edition featured a slur against Asian-Americans.  Full story
Gannett is right: Newsroom job titles do matter.  Full story
A New York Times piece on Michael Brown’s final weeks before he was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is getting flack on Twitter for its characterization of Brown as “no angel” due to his recent “dabbling” in rap lyrics and at least one “scuffle."  Full story
Waitrose Weekend newspaper gaffe.  Full story
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