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Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson recalls his friend Michael R. Schurman as "the go-to guy in county government."  Full story
I looked through the AP Stylebook for guidance on compound verbs (i.e., “crash-lands” as opposed to “crash lands”) and came up empty. I’d hyphenate that verb if that was the intended meaning, but the book advises “the fewer hyphens the better; use them only when not using them causes confusion.” It does advise against using “awkward constructions that split infinitive forms of a verb…or compound forms.”  Full story
Gannett today reported that the company's acquisition of Belo Corp. drove significant growth in broadcasting segment results while the digital and publishing divisions also contributed to strongly profitable results for the quarter.  Full story
There's a reason proofreading exists. And apparently, its pitfalls are all too real for this guy, whose diploma from the University of California-Berkeley hung on his wall for six years before he noticed a rather unfortunate typo.   Full story
The downing of MH17 over eastern Ukraine was the main story on the front pages of most of most newspapers around the world on Friday. Not so in Russia, where the state-run Rossiyskaya Gazeta led with a story about the eating habits of Russians, relegating the 298 deaths aboard MH17 to the bottom of the front page.  Full story
Leanna Harris, the mother of the Georgia toddler who died in a hot car when his father left him in the back seat and went to work, lashed out at the media on Tuesday, saying that various outlets have "have fostered a poisonous atmosphere."  Full story
Undocumented immigrant and reporter Jose Antonio Vargas soon could face deportation, according to an immigration group.  Full story
On July 5, Jose Antonio Vargas received a text message from Cristina Jimenez, the co-founder and managing director of the immigrant youth-led organization United We Dream.   Full story
Are newspaper reporters about to go the way of the Siberian tiger or the California Condor?  Full story
John Seigenthaler, a legendary Tennessee journalist, intimate confidant to two near-presidents and fierce advocate for racial equality, died Friday.  Full story
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