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The recent disclosure that ABC News' anchorman George Stephanopoulos had donated $75,000 to the charitable Clinton Foundation shows the importance of conflicts of interest rules for journalists. Unfortunately, it also feeds the false conservative Republican myth that the media is liberally biased.  Full story
A fraudulent study on peoples' attitudes towards gay marriage has forced several prominent news outlets to append corrections to their stories.  Full story
The mother of American reporter Austin Tice, who has been missing in Syria for more than three years, believes her son is alive and well and urged Washington and Damascus to work together to free him.  Full story
The Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Rénald Luzier said Monday that he is leaving the magazine, revealing the job had become “too much to bear” following the deaths of his colleagues.  Full story
When Hurricane Katrina swirled onto the Louisiana shore and residents of New Orleans clogged highways to flee, John McCusker stayed behind.  Full story
In a recent blog post about journalists using technology to make their lives and jobs easier, I mentioned that one of the ways I’ve made my job easier and more efficient has been to rely heavily on spreadsheets.  Full story
It’s taken lots of cuts to keep American newspaper companies even slightly profitable. But without better cashflow, they’ll continue to struggle to build the next version of the industry.  Full story
"Uhm, pardon me... but your slip is showing."   Full story
Prince Harry plants his paint-filled hand on the head of a press photographer, after playing table tennis with children in an Auckland school on Friday.  Full story
House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday that this week’s fatal Amtrak crash wasn’t caused by a lack of federal funds and mocked a reporter for even asking about it.  Full story
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