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A St. Louis County grand jury has completed deliberations in the case of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, whose fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen in August touched off weeks of sometimes violent protests, multiple media outlets reported Monday.  Full story
Here’s The Daily Currant’s satirical piece about Kanye West claiming he has a nicer butt than wife Kim Kardashian.   Full story
You click a button, and it immediately shows you your location. You hit another button, and it tells you how quickly an Uber car will arrive to take you where you want to go.  Full story
Sometimes it's nice to get a little perspective.  Full story
Uber is looking into claims that an executive tracked a reporter with its "God View" tool without her consent, according to Buzzfeed News, as the company publicly released its data privacy policy for the first time.  Full story
Researchers found a dog story in the national section of the New York Times is 2.6 times more likely to be picked up than a non-dog story.   Full story
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick took to Twitter on Tuesday to apologize for remarks made by an executive who suggested digging up dirt on journalists who write unflattering articles about the ride-sharing company.   Full story
In one of the most disquieting remarks ever to emerge from the hothouse of Silicon Valley, Uber Senior Vice President Emil Michael has suggested hiring "opposition researchers" to dig up dirt on journalists who oppose his company.  Full story
In the wake of last week’s midterm election and some ensuing commentary about the state of local media, CJR associate editor Greg Marx and United States Project correspondent Deron Lee shared thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of local news. A record of the discussion is below.  Full story
Satirical news site The Onion is up for sale, according to a report, which insists the move is no joke.  Full story
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