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The interns run because recording devices are strictly forbidden inside the court. Therefore, broadcast interns must run hard copies of Supreme Court decisions out to their network broadcasting locations in front of SCOTUS.  Full story
Two years ago, BuzzFeed said one of its goals was to not make a TV show. Now, it may do just that.  Full story
Are you a Massachusetts reporter wondering what your competitors are working on? If so, Tuesday was your lucky day.  Full story
ABC, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press and Reuters are banding together to test news drones.  Full story
Take a few accomplished journalists, add some venture capital, mix with the Internet — and, voila!, you had the ingredients for a revolution in journalism and business.  Full story
Vincent Musetto wrote some of the most widely quoted words in the history of journalism.  Full story
Apple’s forthcoming Flipboard-slaying Apple News project just got a lot more interesting: A series of job listings from Cupertino indicate that Apple is looking to hire human editors for the initiative.  Full story
Looking back at our breakdowns of so-called “native advertising,” the ad-world terminology for an advertisement made to look like a news story, you may have noticed that these execrable, nauseating (but profitable) ads were labeled things like “Sponsored by…,” or “Promoted,” or the blatantly vague “From our partners,” but none of them simply said “advertisement.”  Full story
James Murdoch has regained his status as heir apparent at his father’s media empire just four years after a phone-hacking scandal in the U.K. threatened his ascent.  Full story
James Murdoch, a Harvard drop out, former cartoonist and co-founder of a hip hop music label, did not always appear destined to follow his father as a media baron, but he will take the CEO job at Twenty-First Century Fox Inc with backing from some important investors.  Full story
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