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Today the New York Times reported that Facebook may start hosting content from news organizations directly on its own website, and has been working with partners that include BuzzFeed, National Geographic, and the Times itself. Here are some other initiatives the paper of record is considering.  Full story
Nothing attracts news organizations like Facebook. And nothing makes them more nervous.  Full story
It’s nearly that time of year when The Associated Press releases its annual revised edition of the AP Stylebook, driving many copy editors of the world bonkers with new guidelines.  Full story
In the fall of 2000, I sat in the large seminar room at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism listening to a lecture about whether journalists should be allowed to use digital cameras.  Full story
In the U.S. this past week, HBO aired the documentary Going Clear, about the Church of Scientology, to strong reviews. The nonfiction book on which the film is based was short-listed for the National Book Award.  Full story
This past Sunday, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni published a widely read op-ed about the college admissions process in the paper’s Sunday Review section. The column, “How to Survive the College Admissions Madness,” had already been gained momentum by the time the Sunday edition hit doorsteps, though.  Full story
A body pulled from a New Jersey river was identified Thursday as Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird, who vanished more than a year ago after leaving his home for a walk. The remains were spotted the evening before by two men canoeing in the Passaic River, about a mile from one of Bird's favorite walking spots, authorities said.  Full story
BuzzFeed draws 200 million people to its site every month. To the site's co-founder, Jonah Peretti, that's small potatoes. When Peretti took the stage at sun-drenched media lovefest SXSW in Austin this week, he pointed to a far more dazzling number: 18.5 billion.  Full story
Young Americans care about the news, honestly they do, but their discovery path typically winds through social media feeds, not through newspapers, news sites, or televised news coverage.   Full story
Joe Day, a former Providence Journal reporter and assistant state editor who left in 1970 for a television career in Boston, died March 8 at his winter home in Hawaii. He was 78.  Full story
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