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I was wondering if you could get a discussion going about “is everything fair game” today in regard to usage of published photos. Here’s the deal:  Full story
Molly Hughes, former CBS4 anchor, has been named director of the soon to be expanded Denver Post TV. The appointment is being made at a time when “video has become a major platform for us, both in reader engagement and revenue,” Denver Post Editor Greg Moore announced Monday.  Full story
It was hard enough picking a single most influential LGBT person for this list (and, in the end, it was a tie), so you can imagine the trouble we had narrowing down our picks to 50 and then ranking each.  Full story
Republican Governor Candidate Bruce Rauner held an event today to announce something.   Full story
A new poll found that residents of St. Louis County had starkly divergent views about the media's conduct in Ferguson depending on their race.  Full story
The entertainment Twitter handle for the Times of India tweeted out a link to a video of actress Deepika Padukone. Well, more specifically, of her cleavage.  Full story
Most of America’s magazines are based in New York City, which houses media giants like Conde Nast and Time Inc. But it always struck Douglas McGray, a journalist who has contributed to the New York Times Magazine and the New Yorker, as a bit odd that there wasn’t a similar national general interest magazine that reflected a West Coast perspective.  Full story
When I report from Guantánamo for the Miami Herald, I routinely use Twitter to report war court proceedings, play by play, like a sporting event, as one of my editors described it.  Full story
Journalists are coffee addicts, drinking more cups a day than any other group of "professionals", according to a survey conducted among 10,000 people.  Full story
One of our freelance writers got the following pitch from a PR outfit this week.  Full story
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